Azzurri Sports Club

The Azzurri Sports Club is said to be the home of soccer team. Azzurri, an Italian word is a nickname for several Italian national teams such as Italy national football team, Italy national basketball team, and so on. In other words, it refers to different sports club. Sports bring nations together through international competitions like Olympics and World Cup. Italy is famous for soccer or football. There are many popular Italian football or soccer players like Fulvio Collovati, Paolo Rossi, Fabio Cannavaro, and Paolo Maldini.

Professional sports players have their own sports club. One of the soccer clubs is the Adelaide Blue Eagles. It is a predominantly Italian-Australian supported club. And this club was known in the past as Azzurri. The club was originally founded as Napoli SC and later merged with Seacliff Austria. Then, the club moved to the new facilities. The club also managed to establish itself as one of the leaders of local football both on and off the field and became more popular as a sports club.

Currently, the club run a side that competes in the Amateur League called MSSC Blue Eagles. The club received honours such as the 1st Division Champions, Federation Cup Winners, 1st Division Minor Premiers, Coca-cola Cup Winners, Reserves Cup Winners, and a lot more. In the year 1993, the club changed its name to Adelaide Blue Eagles. So don’t be surprised that it is no longer called as Eastern Districts Napoli and Eastern Districts Azzurri. Anyway, the Forza Azzurri Sports Club is very popular in many countries worldwide.